Green Force Underwater Lighting Systems - Reliable Flexibility
H1 + Mono XPGH
H2 + Tri XPEH
H2 + Quadri XPGH
H8 + Tri XPEH
H8 + Mono P7H
H8 + Hepta XPGH
FII + Hepta Ti XPGH
Equipped with:
Triple O-Ring Sealing
Green Force Kits
Hybrid 1 + Monostar XPGH
Hybrid 2 + Tristar XPEH
Hybrid 2 + Quadristar XPGH
Hybrid 8 + Tristar XPEH
Hybrid 8 + Monostar P7H
Hybrid 8 + Heptastar XPGH
Flexi II + Heptastar Ti XPGH

Green Force lighting systems can be build out according to the divers’ needs. As all the connections of the battery packs and the lightheads are identical (Green Force TOS connection*), all the components are interchangeable and one has the choice between 8 battery packs and 20 lightheads that vary from halogen over LED to HID and are all compatible and modular. One can start for instance with a basic battery pack and light head combination and will still be able to upgrade his torch without huge costs.

To get you started, Green Force already made a selection of several battery packs and light heads which make excellent combinations and which can be considered as our 'best sellers'.

These combinations can be ordered in a KIT version and can of course be expanded with different Green Force accessories such as umbilicals, Goodman handles and tank connections.

* The Green Force TOS connection allows a twist on/off control and eliminates the use of any switch which can be a potential failure point.


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